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My name is Steve. I am 26 years old. I am hungry and I am homeless. I have saved the money kindly given to me on the street and purchased a laptop computer. With the help of Ofar Quarson Industries and, I have registered this site. I am now saving for a digital camera to help with the site.

 Contrary to popular belief, all homeless people are not lazy, ignorant, stupid, thieving drug addicts but they have one thing in common; they have fallen upon hard times. The majority of us want and need help. Others believe they are beyond it. I have taken it upon myself and used my initiative. 

I am making an effort to raise awareness of London's homelessness problem through the medium of Internet. In today's society billions of pounds are pumped into Internet companies, everyday. Next time you see somebody living on the street please be sympathetic to their needs. Please be generous. Most of all please remember we are human beings too.

If you know someone who is missing and you believe them to be sleeping rough email a picture to me with the location you believe they are staying. I, along with other viewers to this site, will do my best to get a message to them and if possible establish a communication.


Please click on the pictures below for information about people who want to be part of our society but are homeless


Since going on line my web site has lead to an offer of a job and somewhere to stay on a temporary basis. I now believe that I can use the internet to help others who are in the position I was in just a few months ago. I have been inundated with emails from kind hearted people offering the people above help and employment. Unfortunately as is the way of the streets people move on and contacts are lost.

I am sure that with a little help I could establish a network using the internet whereby the homeless can find help, jobs and somewhere to live. We have a strong team and a wealth of knowledge and ideas to put into practice. Large corporations are fortunate enough to have the internet at their disposal to make money. Its time the less fortunate had use of the internet to improve their lives.

If you believe you can help in any way at all please contact me. 

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